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Camp Curiosity

Halton Outdoor Learning Network

15th March 2021


Weston Primary School, WA7 7RA

16:00 - 18:00

HOLN is free to attend. As numbers grow there might be a need to ask for refreshment donations but currently it is a free event and open to all.

This event has been created by Gemma Hill-Davis, owner of a small Outdoor Learning company called Camp Curiosity!! I have noticed over the years that similar groups take place all over the country in different counties and are a lovely chance for like minded people to get together to share ideas, dates for events and training, best practice, campfire recipes and just network and chat since the outdoor ed world can often be rather isolating especially if you work in a school (s) and you are the only member of staff that loves to hug trees and generally enjoys the company of the outdoors as opposed to the staff room!

So, this network is for you! Whether you are trying to decide to go on a Forest School course, leave teaching, a childminder wanting to take your children outside more and provide engaging activities, bring more outdoors into your classroom or if you are a Head Teacher wanting to drive your school on an outdoor education journey. If you love nature and spending time in the outdoors and you are within the education world then please come along.

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