Camp Curiosity

Wild Women - Summer Solstice Edition

18th June


Halton Haven Hospice, WA7 6EP

11am - 5pm

This event is to celebrate the beginning of Summer. Though not held on the Summer Solstice or Midsummer/Litha day, we will partake in some activities to celebrate the start of the summer season.
The day will casually start from 11am with arrivals to Halton Haven where parking will be available. Once arrived you will be shown where to put your belongings then follow the bunting to lead you down to our base camp in the woodland. Now you have arrived safely it is time to put your phone on silent & switch off from any stresses or worries for a few hours, take this time for yourself to recharge your energy for the summer ahead, whatever that brings for you.
Help yourself to a refreshing glass of summer punch & summer solstice flower biscuit whilst you introduce yourself to people, catch up with friends & make new connections.
We will head over to begin some uplifting yoga at 11:30, this will be light and gentle and suitable for all & can be done barefoot on the grass to feel that connection to earth, to feel grounded.
Once you have woken from your yoga nidra we will start to brew our summer solstice tea to take home.
Around 1pm it will be time to nourish our bodies with some vegan campfire food & fruit water. We will take a leisurely lunch to reflect & connect.
Moving into the afternoon (about 2pm) we will partake in some Inka Energy Practices. Reconnect to Nature with these ancient practices from the Q'ero people in Peru, who have never lost their connection to Nature and use these practices every day.
We too can use our connection to Nature to enhance and strengthen our energy body, clear heavy energies and feel lighter and more able to deal with our day to day.
This workshop will help us to feel lighter and give us tools to clear our energy and feel grounded. We will learn and take away simple practices that will support and enhance our life.
Then it will be time to get creative & make a beautiful boho floral wreath to take home or gift to a loved one.
The smell of the fire will call us to gather around to share, reconnect & celebrate the time we have spent together. We will enjoy some mindfulness as we whittle sticks for our marshmallows. As we toast marshmallows & enjoy our s’mores we will set our intentions for the summer and cast them into the fire.
Our day will draw to a close around 5pm.
Once you have purchased your ticket I will email you all information regarding anything you might need/choose to bring and I will be asking about allergies/dietary requirements and access info.
If you are not successful in getting a ticket for this event or can not make this date, I will be organising another Wild Women Retreat on the weekend of the 17/18 of September. Also, watch this space for the 1 night, 2 day retreat too.

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