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Ever tried a parachute pow-wow? A campfire collab?
Our camp could be the ideal location to enable your team to get together and be inspired by nature.

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image of a child in the woods neara fire, whittling a stick.

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The Curious way

Self is respect for ourselves and for all others.
Self is wellness, peace of mind. Being kind to my curious sisters and brothers.


Camp is our home,  our refuge, our base.

Camp is where we ready ourselves. Together for the new adventures we will face.


Wood is where we are, but also what might be.
Wood is life surrounding us.
So many lessons to be learned at the roots of tree.


Fire is the warmth we learn to respect.

Fire is light, love and happiness.

The telling of stories we shall never forget.

Camp Curiosity Woodland

A Safe Outdoor Space FOR families to ENJOY TOGETHERNESS IN NATURE

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