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Well ok lets be realistic, chances are it's not your birthday today and you are thinking of planning an outdoor woodland birthday party for someone else (unless of course it does happen to be your birthday and in that case... congrats!).

We know birthday parties are a big deal and our aim is to make your next birthday party that bit more WILD with an outdoor woodland party! 

Below is the basic structure of the outdoor party packages we have put together so far, but that doesn't mean we can't go off piste and tailor the woodland birthday party to your requirements (I'm the boss so I make up the rules) just get in touch if you have something specific in mind.

Happy Birthday!

If you are looking to provide a group of similar aged children with a taster of the outdoors, we can offer a 2 hour birthday party package with 2 facilitators.

We will have swings, hammocks, slack lines, and den building resources along with some tools to use, all based around our campfire beneath our cavernous parachute shelter.


Get the party started

The party will start at base camp with an intro to the camp itself and of course well wishes for the birthday child.

The children will be introduced to the team and we will explain what different activities there are to choose from.


What things are there to do?

All of our woodland birthday party packages include:

  • party bunting and decoration

  • chalkboard welcome sign with the birthday boy/girls name

  • juice/water

  • s'mores cooked over the campfire

  • den building

  • bug hunting

  • fire lighting

  • hammocks

  • slack line

  • tree swing

  • bushcraft / whittling a stick or wand

  • quiet zone with a few large games to play for any children who might benefit from this or accompanying caregivers/babes in arms.


Children can move freely from each activity with their accompanying parent/adult. We recommend that caregivers stay for the duration of the party as its as much their experience as the children’s but should some caregivers be unavailable to supervise their child, we set the ratio at 1:4 (caregiver/child).

What will there be to eat and drink?

 All of our packages include juice and s'mores for the kids, cooked over the campfire.

There is the option to add a hot chocolate and hotdogs or folded calzone pizzas.

What facilities do you have?

There is a portable toilet in a pop up toilet tent and we have handwashing facilities which we regularly encourage attendees to use when moving around camp from one area to another.

Health and Safety is always at the forefront of our minds, not only do the camp leaders hold first aid certificates but I am also specifically trained in Outdoor First Aid.


Is the Camp accessible?

There is ample parking a short walk from base camp, the ground is uneven and there are a lot of exposed roots and trip hazards, however it is accessible and we firmly believe that the woodland is for everyone and we can tailor sessions based upon the needs and requirements of attendees, please get in touch if you would like to discuss this further.

How much do you charge?

All packages are based on a minimum of 12 children and priced per child.

Woodland Birthday Party Package - £15 per child
+ Hot Chocolate for the kids - £16 per child
+ Campfire Hotdogs/folded Calzone pizzas - £18.50 per child
+ Tea/Coffee for caregivers - £20 per child
+ Campfire Hotdogs/folded Calzone pizzas for caregivers - £22.00 per child
I'm afraid I have no more availability for 2023
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