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Camp Curiosity

Tell me what you need and let's see where your curiosity will take us.

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Curious Schools

Outdoor Learning isn't a fad. It's not the latest craze or buzzword that is haplessly bouncing its way around #edutwitter without any real substance. Outdoor Learning is simply an updated way of describing how children have learned to experience the world for millenia! Play has long been a vastly underutilised educational resource and only recently has it really begun to shine as the emergence of Forest School really gained traction. 
Outdoor Learning differs from the Forest School approach in that there is carefully orchestrated structure to the seemingly wild and free environment that is created at one of our OL sessions.

By enabling Outdoor Learning in Primary Schools, we are able to offer the children an exploration of the world around them but to also engage practically in some fairly lofty subjects such as english, maths, science and the creative arts.

I am genuinely passionate about the power of Outdoor Learning, Nature Connection and the immersive therapy of nature and I would welcome the opportunity to work with your school to either help begin the Outdoor Learning journey, or shape/encourage/enhance any existing provision you may have.

Academic Year

Embedding Outdoor Learning within a whole school ethos can seem a bit daunting, especially when you are starting from a standstill. That's where I come in! Either from a consultative role, helping you to rationalise your need and visualise your steps to realising your goals, or from a hands-on approach planning and delivering whole year sessions linked with the curriculum with a seasonal angle.

Bespoke Themed Sessions

Ideal for reinforcing learning around Topic, these individual bespoke sessions can be tailored to follow on from indoor learning and tie in with the curriculum. Half day or full day sessions are available and I have delivered Roman Days, Outdoor Classroom Festival event days, Wellness and Wellbeing mornings, Literacy afternoons (linked to pathways to write/read).

Young girl crouching down and drawing patterns onto a sheet of ice using coloured paint

Half Term/Full Term

If you would like a structured series of sessions, then a half term or full term booking may be right for you. These half day or full day sessions are skills based, designed with progression in mind and are closely linked with the seasons.

Nature Nurture 

Having worked in Secondary and Primary Schools for many years, I have seen first hand the struggles faced by our young people and just how valuable a safe and nurturing environment can be for their self confidence, self esteem and also their ability to interact with their peers.

This is why I created my Nature Nurture program.

This 6 week program is much more child-led than my other sessions and the smaller group will be comprised of children who have been identified as potentially benefiting from a more nurturing environment and will perhaps already be in Intervention/NEET/SEND.

Sessions are skills based and usually involve some form of campfire cooking, there is always a celebratory conclusion to the program with certification for the group.

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