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Droplet hunt

This is a wonderful starter or mindful activity, it can also be a great lead into a weather unit or a science experiment to find out how leaves/plants absorb water. This activity is a brilliant way into observing how water moves, how it flows, how it drops from the plant and how frequently. These are questions the children can investigate during the session through water play, pouring and measuring. Older children might be interested in how the droplets remain on the surface of the plants which is a brilliant opportunity to investigate absorption and different materials. My little ones absolutely loved a water droplet hunt and collecting competition and then comparing how much they had collected, a great way to consolidate mathematical/science terms such as greater than and less than, older children can measure and record the volume of water or even test the PH of the water and compare it to tap water, pond water etc.

This simple activity can also be used as stimulus for creative writing; can the children write about the journey of the little water droplet? Or tell the story of the journey of the droplet through using natural resources. You could refer to books such as The Rhythm Of The Rain.

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