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There’s no such thing as bad weather ....

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Heading out into the woods, especially on a wet windy day can sometimes seem a bit daunting especially if its not something you are particularly used to doing.

But all it takes is a little bit of preparation, and before you know it you will be on your very own mini adventure into the wilderness.

If venturing into the woods is relatively new to you and your family I give you one piece of advice that the majority of ‘outdoorsy’ people probably have as their mantra; there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. It is true, being cold sucks but having your fingers seize up whilst trying to put gloves on a dithering & upset child is just no fun for anyone involved. Being cold is distracting & there are enough reasons for us all to be distracted every second of our every day lives without having something distract us when we are trying to switch off from the distractions of the outside world.

So, what to wear? We all like to wear different underwear, some like stringy, others prefer a fuller version and others would opt for a short style. Simply put we are all different & comfort is a very personal thing so I am not going to provide affiliate links or recommend you go out & spend £300 on a jacket. Just ask yourself these questions:

Have I got enough layers on to be warm when stood/sat still ?

Am I wearing clothes I am hoppy to get muddy/wet/risk getting torn ?

Have I got a hat, gloves & neck warmer?

Have I got a waterproof jacket with hood?

Do I have a spare pair of thick socks?

I haven’t spent a fortune on outdoor gear & I wouldn’t suggest you do either. As you spend more time as a family outdoors you may choose to invest in higher quality/grade items but in the first instance you simply need layers, lots & lots of layers & a decent waterproof layer. I tend to buy my daughters thermals from places like Aldi and Lidl as they are very reasonably priced, keep her warm, wash well & last a long time. Waterproof jackets have always been from places like Asda, GoOutdoors and/or charity shops. Charity shops are great for good quality waterproof jackets, ski trousers & merino wool items if you are lucky enough to find some. I have always found neck warmers, hats and gloves from Decathlon to keep us warm.

Outdoor/Ski/Walking socks can be super pricey but you can find these in the middle aisle of Aldi/Lidl but for small children a pair of fluffy slipper socks over a pair of thick socks will hopefully keep those tootsies warm! Again, footwear is also a very personal thing. Personally I find wellies cold, even with a couple of pairs of thick socks I find my feet get cold. I find my walking boots (another Lidl best buy) with two pairs of socks, one ordinary and one ski/thermal pair are very toasty & supportive.

Onsies can be a great layer for young children, if you have an old Onsie that you don’t mind getting dirty it can be worn over a base layer with a waterproof over the top.

A few other suggestions:

Hand warmers can be good to have in your bag

A flask of something warm

Check the weather forecast

Now you are all prepared for your family adventures.

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