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Jack Frost visit

If it has been a particularly cold night send the children out onto your site to observe and find signs of Jack Frost. The little ones will be squealing with delight as they find traces of his visit, maybe accompany this with a story about Jack Frost or a traditional poem/folk tale. This activity links in beautifully with the book ' A Winters Child'. You might be able to incorporate the opportunity to role play Jack Frosts visit to your site or create some freeze-frames or dance, motifs or ice sculptures if you are lucky enough to have lots of ice or even snow. Could you send small groups out around site with a camera or iPad to take photos? perhaps for a 'observing the seasons' journal or if you are lucky enough to have a fancy microscope how about taking some specimens inside to take a closer look. This itself can lead to some amazing artwork, observational drawing, opportunity for literacy and even maths when looking at the composition of a snowflake.

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